Order process

1. Search

There are various options for searching for products on our homepage
You can choose between the standard and the advanced search.
You have the option of searching for part of an ERNI item number, a complete item number, a keyword description or for a combination of all of these.

Furthermore, you can orient yourself toward our prices or read up on our assembly service.

2. Place articles in the shopping cart

If you have found the product that you wish to purchase, klick on it go into the detail view, enter the required number in the intended field and then click on "Add to the shopping cart".

If you already know the ERNI item number, you can simply enter this in the "Direct order" field on the right side of the homepage and then click on "Add to the shopping cart".

You can also enter the item number directly into your shopping cart and then confirm this with the enter key or click on "Update".

You will then see that the required article was placed in your shopping cart.

3. Shopping cart

Shopping cart

If there are goods in the shopping cart, you can delete articles or add additional ones. Furthermore, you can enter additional information on your order in the comment field.
You can start the order process by clicking on the "Next" button.
You then arrive at the login site.

Here you can log in to your customer account.

If you wish to open a customer account, you can register.
If not, you can continue the order even without logging in.

4. Addresses


If you continue without registering, you continue directly to the "Addresses" site, where you can enter your billing address and the different delivery address, where applicable. Mandatory fields are marked with " * " and must in all cases be filled in.
If you log in to your existing account or log in via the registration form, your information is already entered in the addresses site.

If you wish to have the goods delivered to an address that is different than the billing address, you can select the "Delivery to a different delivery address" option.
The view then expands and the delivery address can be entered.
If you do not enter a separate delivery address, your order will be sent to the billing address.

Now click on "Next" to arrive at the delivery type site.

5. Delivery Type

Delivery Type

You can select the delivery type under this point. The following delivery types are available to you:
- Either UPS standard shipping (24-48 hour service) for EUR 4.95 or
- UPS Express shipping (12:00 service) for EUR 12.00.

Here you can also enter a delivery notice in the provided field, e.g. if the package is to be left with neighbors.

As of an order value of EUR 100, the UPS Standard shipping method is free of shipping costs.

6. Payment


Three payment options are available to you:
- payment via invoice
- payment via PayPal or
- payment via credit card.

Both private and business customers (incl. new customers) can shop via invoice.
You receive the invoice together with the delivery of goods.

Upon selecting PayPal as the means of payment, you are forwarded to PayPal, where you can log in.

Payment via credit card is also possible.

If you have decided on a payment method, click on "Next" and you once again receive a summary of all relevant specifications before you submit the order.

7. Summary

Zusammenfassung 1

Here you once again see all the details of your order. You have the option of checking your specifications and changing them, if necessary. When you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions (for private or business customers), you can submit the order.

You can cancel the order process at any time, however, or go back a step within the order by clicking on the "Back" button.

Following the submission, you receive an order confirmation via e-mail at the specified e-mail address.
This confirmation contains an overview of the articles that you bought together with the order numbers, delivery type, shipping costs, delivery address, billing address, prices and order quantities.

You can view the status of your order at any time.

Either at the top of the site

Zusammenfassung 2

or at the bottom left.

Zusammenfassung 3

You can find notes on data protection, the terms of use or the revocation of your order either under "Service" or under the respective point in the navigation bar. These can be reached from every site on our homepage.

Should you have any questions about the order process or the function of the online shops, please contact our hotline.